hi can you include pictures of eds tour staff! i would like to say hi!

Hello! Ed’s crew is really big. I don’t know all of them (most of them work backstage too). But these are the people that most of the fandom know and that you might see in the arena. 


You have Kevin (on the left), he’s Ed’s security guard and you can find him on the side of the stage or between the stage and the barrier. 

Then there’s Stuart (on the right), he’s Ed’s manager. You can find him at the sound booth or at the side of the stage.


And then there’s Trevor, he’s Ed’s guitar tech. You might only see him when he’s bringing Ed a new guitar or when he’s waiting at the side of the stage.. 🙂

I hope this helped a bit 🙂 I know it’s not a lot, but like I said.. Most of them work backstage.