hey huge fan of your blog but I was wondering …

hey huge fan of your blog but I was wondering if you could link me to some of your favorite ed performances? (:

Hello! I’m glad you like the blog. 🙂 

I get questions like this all the time, where people want me to link my favorite performances or the best performances, and it’s such a hard question to me because I really think Ed gives it his best every single time he performs, so you’ll almost never see a video of him performing that isn’t good or doesn’t measure up to all the other ones, you know? So, since all the performances are just as great as each other, my favorites are always going to be based on kind of silly things, like… well, like what he was wearing, or how his hair looked, or which song he threw in a piece of, or the way he smiled and tilted his head. I feel kind of stupid going, “This is my favorite because look at what his foot does!” or something like that, haha, but I also feel kind of lame going, “I don’t have a favorite because they’re all great!” which is really how I feel. 

So um. Okay, I’ll list a few videos I like, but this is in no way a complete list, and it’s based on completely arbitrary things, and if someone asked me the same thing again tomorrow, I would probably have a completely different answer. Basically, here are some random Ed performances that I like:

[Fulham Broadway] – I love this song, and I think this is the only youtube video there is of him performing it.

[YNMIDNY] – I like this one because he puts in Everybody in the Club Gettin’ Tipsy from 4:39 to 5:02, and he just looks so proud of it. xD

[In the Blue Room] – This one is so funny to me because he puts in Hiphoppopotamus and Rhymenoceros from Flight of the Conchords at around 4:43, and that’s one of my favorite things ever. 

[All My Life] – Okay, don’t make fun of me, but even though I love Ed’s version of this song, the real reasons I like this video so much are as follows: The way he tilts his head back and forth when he sings “Evian” at 1:48 and “here” at 2:19, and his expression when he closes his eyes to sing the “say what, say what” part at about 3:30. 

[Feeling Good] – This is sexy. I just watched it twice and shivered both times, no lie. Leave me alone.

[YNMIDNY at Glastonbury] – I love this because he looks like he’s having so much fun! Also it’s got Pass Out in it, which I like a lot. And a cameo from Murray. And… I don’t think Ed is wearing shoes?

[YNMIDNY at KDWB’s Jingle Ball] – The tongue roll thing at 10:08. This is also the video I practiced with to finally learn all the words to the extended version of this song.

[Give Me Love in the Live Room] – My favorite version of my favorite song. Ever. This is the one in my blog autoplay.

[Wonderwall] – So… this is just beautiful. 

[Volcano] – I’m obsessed with this cover. 

Um, I’m going to stop here before I end up linking all of Ed’s youtube videos. If there are any videos here that you haven’t seen yet, drop everything and watch them now! And if you want to watch some other good Ed Sheeran performances, I recommend just going to youtube and clicking on stuff with his name in it, because… I mean, you won’t find something you don’t like. 🙂