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Plus, Multiply, and Divide crochet blankets: December 2012, September 2014, and November 2018. <3

Hey @littlebitofbass !!!! Holy S H I T MY DUDE

The passion. The dedication. The craftsmanship. These are absolutely stunning.

To anyone who doesn’t know about fiber art: I want you to imagine that you have an approx. 9×5 ft. (I don’t know your exact measurements for these but yknow) canvas to work with. But you can only paint/color one centimeter square at a time. That’s about 41,806 sq. cm. And each centimeter can take you anywhere from 2-10 seconds depending on your rhythm, whether you need to take some extra seconds to change your color, etc. That’s an average of 250,836 seconds or 5.81 days E A C H of sitting in a chair with yarn and hook in hand, looking at a grid pattern to make sure you’re getting it right.

Bravo @littlebitofbass Bra-fucking-vo