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i’m so sorry, ed sheeran can’t hear your hate over the sound of his 4 grammys and 2 cats 

I'm actually getting annoyed by all this. I saw his name trending on twitter with 165k (holy shit) tweets. And the hate is actually unreal. Like, everyone's saying he's untalented, ugly, worthless and someone even said they hope he dies? How does winning an award warrant this amount of hate… It's so stupid. Just wow…

Honestly it’s things like this that made him leave Twitter. Nobody deserves that amount of hate. The thing that really upsets me is that all of Ed’s fans would never have attacked Kesha or Gaga if they had won instead of him. I guess it goes to show how good of a role model he is for all of us since we are happy for everyone. All of these artists work so hard for recognition and awards so we should be happy for their achievements, regardless of who wins. 

I also can’t stand people who are making up completely false facts about Ed. Saying he’s homophobic (like really, I saw this an laughed because that person clearly doesn’t know Ed AT ALL) or didn’t have to work hard to get where he is because he came from money. Ed is one of the most hardworking individuals that I have ever seen and nobody should be putting him down for that. EDUCATE YOURSELF before you go off and hate on someone as amazing as Ed. He deserved the Grammy as much as any other artist and works just as hard for it. Just be happy for whoever wins people, it’s as simple as that. 


all these people saying pointless nasty shit about Ed when it’s not his fault he won the Grammys is why he deleted his twitter, people need to chill

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I recorded the livestream of Divide winning Best Pop Vocal Album at the Grammys. Congratulations, Ed! I knew you’d do it! 


‪Ed won his second Grammy of the night for Best Pop Solo Performance – “Shape Of You”  ‬

all I see is hate because Ed sheeran won a Grammy and you know what? how old are you? All these people who are nominated are talented and deserve the world, we all know that. but to write mean things about ed and his music? that is stupid. Ed sheeran deserves a prize just like everyone else. If Lady Gaga won the award, would Ed Sheeran fans have insulted her and made her music bad? No. it’s okay if you don’t like ed and his music, but it’s not okay to say mean things about him just because your favorite musician did not win

be nice and respect others 

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Ed won a Grammy for Best Pop Vocal Album for Divide


2018 #GRAMMYs  Nominations:
– Divide – Best Pop Vocal Album
– Shape Of You – Best Pop Solo Performance


I don’t know if i care because there’s gonna be so much conversation around that. I would love to get nominated, i would love to win some, but it’s just a headache to think about it you know, because like every year i get so involved with it and i’m like “i might win, i might not win!”. Like if i don’t, i get really sad and if i do, i’m like “aww did i take the opportunity away from someone else who won, are people angry at me”. It’s such a double-edged sword winning a Grammy cuz there’s always someone who thinks someone should deserve it more. So like i’m just kinda like “if i win i win, if i don’t i don’t”.

Ed on the coming 60th Grammys on Channel 4 Dubai

okay okay ed IS nominated,(

Best Pop Solo Performance &

Best Pop Vocal Album) ed’s nominations were not even mentioned in the german press -.-