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Happy 29th birthday Teddy 

Happy Birthday Teddy 

Happy Birthday Teddy 


we all sang happy birthday to him and his reply was “I got a colin the caterpillar cake…solid”

You should post the birthday video here!

Here’s the birthday video 🙂


Happy Birthday to one of my favorite humans… I can’t believe that you turned 27 because to me you are still that boy you where 6 years ago which talent amazed me on the spot… Now after all this time you are still the same kindhearted and humble person.. thank you for making my life happier and helping me through the tough days… I hope you have an amazing day and your birthday wish comes true.. Happy Birthday Ed!!!!


Oh wow, it’s actually Ed’s birthday. It just hit me. 27. That just makes me want to look back and wonder. All these times have been such good times, Ed was there for me when I needed it. I might not have been suicidal or depressed but I was lonely. And he was there with me, every day of it he sat next to me in school, laughed at the jokes I laughed about and he dried my tears at night. Even though it wasn’t really him, and just a shadow of who he is he made me feel okay. And it is all thanks to him. I’ve gotten out of that time now, for a while now actually, and my need for Ed hasn’t been that dire anymore. So for me this birthday is me looking back, being thankful, and knowing that as Ed grew into this 27 year old man that’s getting married soon, i turnt into the 17-year-old I am now. It feels complete, like it shouldn’t be dragged any longer. So for me when he does quit music (even if it takes a while) it’s alright, I’m okay and I can only be happy and thankful. There are so many things that I learnt, that I will be taking with me into my life and future that Ed taught and showed me. And the fandom of course, so many things that have prepared me for real life as well.

Thank you Ed, for being here all these years. And that the years to come may be the best yet. You deserve it.

All the love, Hilde




To celebrate Ed Sheeran’s 27th birthday today, I crocheted his character Brendan from The Simpsons. It, um… turned out to be kind of enormous… but that’s just because I have big love for the boy. 🙂

Happy birthday, Ed!


Happy 27th birthday, Ed Sheeran! [February 17, 1991]