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South of the Border

Take Me Back To London

Bonus: Ed speaks German

Guten Tag Germany  (I love it when Ed tries to speak German)

Nothing On You

I’ve received tons of messages asking if I know when the clothes are going to be shipped out or that you’ve only received part of your order.

It seems that this issue is mostly for US customers and it has to do with the manufacturer being overwhelmed by the demand, forcing them to place a lot of purchases in back-order.

It’s very frustrating, and their lack of reply to most messages seems pretty negligent. But I’m sure it’s a matter of time before your items start getting shipped.

So just give it a few more days, and if things don’t start moving along we’ll take this to the highest authority. We’ll storm the Bastille! Call Obama! Tweet Stuart! The whole thing.

Hang tight! 


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I Don’t Care